What Sets Knitpro Needles Apart?

Here at Lola Lovegrove, we love Knitpro knitting needles because the company is committed to supplying the very best products made out of superior materials at an affordable price.

Unlike other wooden needles, Knitpro’s specialty Symfonie needles have negligible water absorption, which means there is no chance of warping. Due to this, it makes the needles strong and enables the points to stay sharp and provides lifelong use if handled correctly.

Why Use Knitpro Needles For Your Projects?

At Lola Lovegrove, we love all things knitting, and to make the perfect hat, scarf, or even sweater, you need the ideal needles. We are a long-time fan of Knitpro needles, and these are our reasons why.

Their different styles. Knitpro needles come in a range of styles to create different patterns, which include double and single points, fixed, and interchangeable.

The material they use. Knitpro uses a variety of different materials for their needles, some of which include laminated birch wood, electroplated brass, Japanese bamboo, natural birch, and aluminium.

The quality of their needles.Knitpro uses the highest quality materials to make their needles and sells them for an affordable price. What more could you want than high-quality products that don’t cost a fortune?

Our Favourite Knitpro Products

The team at Lola Lovegrove have picked out a few of our favourite Knitpro products for you to try.

KnitPro Tunisian Ginger Double Pointed Needles. Made from the same laminated wood used for their Symfonie needles, the Knitpro Tunisian Ginger Double Pointed needles easily allow you to pick up any stitch with ease and they are gentle in your hands and warm to the touch.

KnitPro Ginger Single Pointed Needles. Although they may be lightweight, these Knitpro Ginger Single Pointed Needles are strong and are perfect for every type of yarn.

KnitPro Symfonie Single Pointed Needles. From the beloved Knitpro Symfonie needles collection, these needles are lightweight but durable, and the polished wooden surface combines effortlessly with every type of yarn without slowing down your knitting rhythm.

KnitPro Symfonie Interchangeable Needles. Knitpro interchangeable needles are perfect for those who want easy stitch glides without sagging. These interchangeable needles are perfect for beginners.

Why More People Buy Knitpro Products through Lola Lovegrove

There’s a reason why knitters Australia-wide love shopping for Knitpro products at Lola Lovegrove.

We’re here to support you. Whether you’re new to knitting or you’ve been doing it for years, the team at Lola Lovegrove are here to support you on your journey. We’re always here for our customers to help with issues, answer questions, or simply chat about a project. Oh, and don’t forget to send us pictures of your finished work! We love seeing what the members of our little community are creating.

We’re the experts on all things knitting. Questions about yarn? Need help choosing needles? Looking for patterns? Lola Lovegrove is your one-stop-shop. No matter what you need, we can help you find it.

We’re genuinely passionate about knitting. When we say we love knitting, you’d best believe it! Lola Lovegrove was our grandmother, and she taught us to knit and crochet. She kindled our love for crafts from a young age, and she left us with a lifelong passion for creating heartfelt projects from wool and yarn.

If you’re Looking for Knitpro Needles, Lola Lovegrove Is Your Go-To Store

It’s no secret that the team at Lola Lovegrove have a thing for yarn. We love everything about knitting, and we love sharing our passion with our wonderful customers. We’re 100% committed to delivering the very best products, excellent customer service, and we’re proud to have created a tight-knit (pun absolutely intended) little community with a shared love of all things creative. If you’re looking for Knitpro needles in Australia, have a browse through Lola Lovegrove’s range today.

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