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alt = alternate;
approx = approximately;
beg = begin; cm = centimetre(s);
cont = continue;
dec = decrease;
foll = following;
garter st = every row knit;
g = grams;
inc = increase;
incl = including or inclusive;
K = knit;
mm = millimetre(s);
0 = no rows, stitches or times;
psso = pass slipped st over;
patt = pattern; P = purl;
purl fabric = 1 row purl (RS row), 1 row knit (RS row);
rem = remain;
rep = repeat;
RS = right side; sl = slip;
st, sts = stitch or stitches;
stocking st = 1 row knit (RS row), 1 row purl (WS row);
tbl = through back of loop(s);
tog = together;
WS = wrong side;
ybk = yarn back – take yarn under needle from purling position into knitting position;
yft = yarn front – bring yarn under needle from knitting position into purling position;
yfwd = bring yarn forward under needle, then over into knitting position again, to make a stitch;
yon = yarn over needle – take yarn over top of needle into knitting position, thus making a stitch. yrn = yarn round needle – take yarn right round needle into purling position, thus making a stitch.
NOTE: When instructions read – “Cast off 2 sts” (or similar stitches), the stitch left on the right hand needle, after casting off, is counted as one stitch.
M1 = make one st – pick up stitch that lies before next st on needle and place on needle, then work into back of loop).


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