Scheepjes Wool

Scheepjes Wool

Why Do Lola Lovegrove Adore Scheepjes Wool?

Whether you’re a beginner to knitting or you’re an experienced, veteran craftsperson, you’ll have likely come across the name ‘Scheepjes’. The brand has a long, illustrious history spanning back over 165 years. Despite being one of the oldest yarn brands in the world, Scheepjes wool has never once compromised on quality, which is just one of the many reasons why the team at Lola Lovegrove adore the brand. We love using Scheepjes so much that we’ve created this quick guide to help you become better acquainted with the Dutch brand.

Our Favourite Things about Scheepjes Wool

There is so much to love about Scheepjes yarn; we couldn’t possibly list everything. Instead, we’ve narrowed it down to a handful of our favourite things.

Scheepjes has an incredible history. In 1799, Dirk Steven van Schuppen would process untreated wool, dye it, weave it, and then sell it on. The company never looked back, growing exponentially coming to a peak in 1962, over 150 years later. After the ’60s, a series of financial difficulties accompanied by the introduction of cheaper, imported products saw the brand filing for bankruptcy in 1988. After 190 years, the company had closed… until 2010. Family-owned business De Bondt saw potential in the brand and took over the name, giving it a new lease in life. It didn’t take long for the company to rebuild. Now Scheepjes is once again a favourite for knitters and manufacturers all over the world.

They are unmatched when it comes to quality. When you’re knitting with Scheepjes wool, you can see and feel the level of attention and detail that goes into every ball. They’re always experimenting with different blends and continually coming up with luxurious products that are a pleasure with which to knit.

Their colours are vibrant and bold. It’s hard to find bright, high-quality yarn that won’t bleed colour into everything else. However, Scheepjes have managed to find the balance between vibrancy and quality, and we love incorporating the bright hues into our projects.

They’re pioneers in the yarn industry. Wool manufacturing is an ancient industry, so it can be difficult to innovate. Scheepjes are continually looking for ways to mix it up and move the yarn industry forward. For example, they’re the first company to have developed a stone-washed yarn! We’re always in awe at their innovations.

Tips for Planning Your Next Project with Scheepjes Yarn
The team at Lola Lovegrove have a few tips and tricks for planning projects with Scheepjes wool.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Scheepjes is just one of those brands that push us outside our comfort zone. Rather than shying away from a project, grab it by the horns and run with the challenge. Trust us; there’s no better yarn to try something new with than Scheepjes wool.

Think outside the box. If you’ve got a pattern you adore, but the colours just aren’t doing it for you, replace them with something bright and bold! Scheepjes have a rainbow of possibilities waiting for you, so pick some vibrant colours and get crafty.

Invest in a knitting planner. Whether you purchase a top of the range planner or you use a free, downloadable app, a knitting planner will help you stay on top of your projects, remind you where you’re up to, and keep all your patterns in one accessible place.

6 Free Patterns to Try With Scheepjes Wool

Okay, inspiration time! Here are a few fun little projects you can create using your Scheepjes yarn.

New Day Knit Bag. This pattern is perfect for beginner to intermediate knitters and will require some basic hand sewing. The result is incredible and will leave you with a beautiful, useful little bag.

April Showers Mandala. Whether you create this as a placemat or wall art, this lovely mandala is a relaxing project any knitter and crocheter will love. It also uses Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn, so grab some from Lola Lovegrove before you start!

Sibling Snakes. This project makes a sweet gift for any child in your life. Whether you make a snake each for a pair of twins or siblings, or you make both for one child, they’ll love playing with these colourful little toys.

Maple Leaf Cardigan. There are few yarns we enjoy working with more than Scheepjes merino soft yarn, so we couldn’t resist including a pattern for a wonderfully soft cardigan.

Noelle Blanket. We’re not shy about the fact that we LOVE colours at Lola Lovegrove, so when we found this rainbow blanket, we fell in love. You’ll have so much fun recreating this wonderfully vibrant throw.

Common People Hat. Another pattern that uses the incredible Scheepjes merino soft yarn, this beanie looks great on men, women, and children. It makes for a versatile gift!

To Buy Scheepjes Wool, Check Out the Range at Lola Lovegrove

It’s no secret that the team at Lola Lovegrove have a thing for yarn. We love everything about knitting, and we love sharing our passion with our wonderful customers. We’re 100% committed to delivering the very best products, excellent customer service, and we’re proud to have created a tight-knit (pun absolutely intended) little community with a shared love of all things creative. If you’re looking for Scheepjes yarn in Australia, have a browse through Lola Lovegrove’s range online today.

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