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Toft Yarn

Everything You Need To Know About Toft Yarn

Named after the hamlet in which its humble beginnings began, TOFT was established in 2006 after the do-it-yourself resurgence came about in Britain. With what started as a family business using alpaca wool from their herd to create luscious yarn, TOFT is now one of the most recognised sellers in the craft and lifestyle market, and one of Lola Lovegrove’s favourite yarn brands!

After an increase in demand for their TOFT yarn, the family soon realised that using alpaca wool wasn’t sustainable. So, in 2013, they moved to using sheep’s wool. What now comes out of TOFT headquarters is high-quality sheep’s yarn (and exclusive alpaca yarn) spun in some of the best mills in England. TOFT yarn is perfect for crocheting animals (their specialty), as well as birds, dolls, and even knitting and crochet kits to get you started!

The Difference Between Sheep’s Wool and Alpaca Wool

While both sheep’s wool and alpaca wool are great for keeping warm in the winter, they do have a few differences between them, which include:

Warmth. Alpaca wool tends to be warmer than sheep’s wool because the alpaca fibres are entirely hollow, whereas sheep’s wool only contains pockets of air. Although both fibres allow air to permeate the surface and become trapped inside for a warming experience, alpaca wool has the advantage because of the extra hollow space in the fibre.

Hypo-allergenic. When wearing sheep’s wool during the wintertime, some people may experience an itchy reaction to the material; this is because of the lanolin in the fibre. Alpaca wool is completely hypoallergenic because it doesn’t contain the lanolin in its fibre like sheep’s wool does. Alpaca wool is perfect for those who itch when wearing sheep’s wool.

Waterproof. Although alpaca wool isn’t completely waterproof, it gets pretty close. Since the alpaca fibres are hollow, it traps more heat and naturally pushes the water away, never allowing the wet fabric to sit on the skin. In comparison, sheep’s wool will absorb up to 50% of its body weight in moisture, while still having a saturation point.

Using Toft Wool for the First Time

So, you’ve found a new love for knitting and crocheting, but where to start? When you use TOFT wool for the first time, here are a few things to know.

Patterns. If you’re just starting and don’t know what to make. TOFT has patterns and projects that are suitable for complete beginners who only need to learn one or two types of stitching.

Stitching. As a beginner, there are two types of stitches you need to learn to get you started, which are; stocking stitch and garter stitch. Stocking stitch is the most commonly used knitting stitch, which creates two different sides of knitting, and once you’ve mastered it, you can do anything. The garter stitch is easier than the stocking stitch as it’s just basic knitting, every stitch and every row.

Tension. Tension is the number of stitches and rows required to achieve a given unit of measurements using a specific pattern, yarn weight, and needle size.

Abbreviations.A lot of TOFT knitting and crochet terms are abbreviated to make patterns quick and easy to follow, so it’s a great starting point to learn these abbreviations to make it easier for you in the long run.

A Few Easy Projects You Can Make With Toft Yarn

The team at Lola Lovegrove have picked out a few of our favourite beginner-friendly TOFT yarn projects for you to try.

TOFT Loch Hat. Spread warmth and comfort with the perfect timeless gift. This Loch Hat using TOFT chunky yarn is an easy project for any beginner.

Quin the Huacaya Alpaca. Know someone who loves alpacas? This project is excellent for anyone who has children or young ones in their family. Crocheting and giving this toy as a present will put a smile on any child’s face!

When You Need Toft Wool, Head to Lola Lovegrove Online

It’s no secret that the team at Lola Lovegrove have a thing for yarn. We love everything about knitting, and we love sharing our passion with our wonderful customers. We’re 100% committed to delivering the very best products, excellent customer service, and we’re proud to have created a tight-knit (pun absolutely intended) little community with a shared love of all things creative. If you’re looking for TOFT yarn in Australia, have a browse through Lola Lovegrove’s range today.

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